MMO or Platinised coating is an excellent Electrical conductor and giving well chemical stability, when it will be coated on Titanium or Niobium base, even in very low pH environments.

Major Failure of Cathodic Protection systems are due to the break down of the electrical connection between the cable joints and anodes. These failures will take place, when the anodes connections are jointed by resin based seals.

To prevent such failures, we developed hybrid method of CPCC cables joints by hot fusion crimping of anode with the copper conductor, covered by polymer cable sheath.

This extremely reliable connection has proven to prevent electrical breakdowns and produce a low resistance of under 0.004 ohms.

After the cable connection, the joints are 100% quality assured on...

  • Conductivity test on electrical connection.
  • Helium (vacuum) leak test on joints with extra charges.
  • In-house test for dimension, adhesion & coating thick of Anode.
  • Mechanical and chemical analysis of Electrical cable.
  • Mechanical & Chemical analysis of Titanium substrate.
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