The leading anti-corrosion character, outstanding physical & mechanical properties of titanium and its uniform current distribution character, Platinised anodes and Mixed Metal Oxide coated anodes are to manufacture from commercial pure Titanium for ICCP.


MMO / Platinised Disc, Elliptical & Strip Anodes are developed specifically for protection of Dam and Navigation lock gates. Since our disk anodes are designed to operate in fresh, brackish and seawater environments, it is to be used in other suitable applications include marine structures, water tanks and vessels. With an optional primary seal spacer gasket, it can be used on the inside of pipes, pumps, water tanks or other curved surfaces.


  • Platinized or MMO coated surface.
  • Titanium or Niobium surface.
  • Full resilient mount in glass reinforced epoxy or polyurethane.
  • Disc anodes are available from 5 IN to 12 IN.
  • Strip anodes are available 2 to 6" wide and 6 to 52" long.
  • Special size (elliptical) anodes also manufactured as per customer's requirements.

It leads double the life of our Anodes with half of the cost. Almost all anodes can be refurbished to new specifications, whether they're used in water boxes, Marine structures or and pressure vessels. Its cost will be just half of buying new one. Refurbishment includes replatinizing, re-deposition of MMO, rebuilding the standoff and /or replacement, depending on the condition of the anode. Refurbishment time is only 2-4 weeks. Low current output, damaged standoffs, leaking seals or damaged mounting threads are the symptoms of refurbishment.

20 Years + Life than sacrificial anodes,

DCCP system require...
  • Replacement up to 10 times
  • 10 periods of downtime
  • 10 repair bills
  • 10 times dry - docking

Max. Flow Rate
Pressure Rating
Max. Operating Temperature
Max. Excursion Temperature
40 ft/sec
50 psi
140 F
200 F/hr
Substrate Selection:
10V (high conductivity Waters) like seawater
More than 10V
Coating Selection:
CD is below 10A/ft2 in brackish or fresh water environments.
If Chlorine is generated at the anode surface.
If Oxygen evolution is expected at the anode surface like fresh water
MMO Surface

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