MMO [Mixed Metal Oxide] COATING

MMO [Mixed Metal Oxide] Coating has been designed for use in all cathodic protection applications. It consists of IrO2/Ta2O5, suitable for use in soils, carbonaceous backfill, fresh and brackish water, seawater and concrete. Mixed metal oxide coating is generally accepted by the cathodic protection industry to be satisfactory for both chlorine and oxygen evolving electrolytes.

Production of a quality product is fundamental in every step of the manufacturing process. Strict quality control procedures are followed throughout the coating process to insure proper coating adhesion and loading. Based on accelerated life testing conducted by an independent laboratory, Ti's MMO coating has proven superior to other mixed metal oxide coatings currently being used. A copy of this test report is available upon request.

MMO coating is produced by applying solutions containing the precursor materials to the specially treated titanium substrate. It is then thermally treated at elevated temperature to convert the precursor materials to their oxides. This paint - stove process is repeated many times until the desired total loading of the MMO coating is obtained. The process achieves very good adhesion properties between the coating and the substrate through mechanical and chemical bonding.

MMO coating greatly prolong the life of the anode (low wear rate)

MMO coating greatly prolong the life of the anode (low wear rate) and provide excellent chemical corrosion resistance such as acid condition. The standard outputs are as below. However, MMO loading may be adjusted to suit a particular current density or design life.


Maximum Current Density

Anode Life

Carbonaceous Backfill

50 A/m2

20 years

Calcined Petroleum Coke

100 A/m2

20 years

Fresh Water

100 A/m2

20 years

Brackish Water

300 A/m2

20 years

Sea Water

600 A/m2

20 years

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