Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd., India - manufactures CPCC Piggy back anodes at their in-house facilities in India, for Impressed current cathodic protection application. Using following alternative anode combinations are been supplied based on the application and customer's interest.

  • Titanium wire with Ti's MMO coating.
  • Titanium wire with Ti's Platinum plating.
  • Niobium wire with Ti's MMO coating.
  • Niobium wire with Ti's Platinum plating.
  • Underground storage tanks bottom.
  • Aboveground storage tanks bottom.
  • Pipelines.
  • Cable ducts.

Advantages over Conventional Anodes
  • Ideal for open or confined spaces.
  • Easy to centralize.
  • Unbreakable.
  • Easily tailors anode.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Materials are rated from 84mA/m upto 1.3 A/m.
  • Achieves maximum current distribution with minimum anode current attenuation.
  • Maximizes cathodic protection efficiency by running a continuous anode parallel to the cathode.

Material Of Construction

Substrate:: Solid Titanium wire, ASTM B 348 Gr.1 or 2 & Solid Niobium, ASTM B 392.
Catalyst: MMO or Pt

Available spec. of Wire / Piggyback

Wire / Piggyback anodes are available in 150 Mtr long with following standard sizes & current ratings. Other sizes & rating are available upon request.

Size in dia

Current ratings/ft

[Micro ohms]

Cable joints

Kgs /5mtr

1.5 mm


Every 5 Mtrs gap


3.0 mm



Its approx. electrical resistance @ 250C. Our anodes have an extremely low consumption rate. The Substrate remains constant throughout the design life of the anodes.
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