We represent as a marketing agent for the following transformer rectifier for the Iran manufacturer M/s. Armin Industries Co., Teheran, Iran.
Conventional transformer rectifier unit
Transformer rectifier is a DC current device which supplies current that is applied for cathodic protection of buried or immersed metal structures. The TR is normally used when AC power from the mains is available. All transformer rectifiers can be used in indoor and outdoor locations and are capable of supplying continuous full rated output at an ambient temperature up to +60 Celsius degrees. The transformer rectifiers are built for years of rugged service.
Smart Transformer Rectifier Unit
This system have been design to meet precision automatic adjustment ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) based applications for special dynamic protection current requirements of CP systems. Constant potential Operating mode of the system can bee provided by real-time control of Permanent reference electrodes connected. However system still supports Constant Current and Constant Voltage operating modes for Optional Manuel operation. System cane bee also remotely controlled and monitored via Armin Co. CP SCADA system or is connected to any RTU system.
Remote Rectifier Unit (RRU)
RRU systems have been designed as a compact unit for SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) based ICCP applications. These systems are mostly used in ICCP systems of Oil, Gas & industrial plants, Local Facility CP systems as well as they can be applicable to vessel and ships ICCP systems plants. Within the advantages of solid-state electronics and telecommunication technologies our RRU units have been design to be placed in a remote monitoring and SCADA system without using any extra equipment.
Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU)
RMU systems have been designed to be connected to the exciting CP T/R (Transformer Rectifier) unit to give ICCP systems ability of to be remotely controlled and monitored by SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems. Nature of existing T/R unit plays a big role to its remotely controllability. As a matter of fact remote control of existing T/R units can only be applicable in case of existing T/R unit would be furnished with SCR facilities for power control units. However remote monitory of exciting ICCP systems can easily applicable to the systems by this unit.
Explosion Proof Cp Rectifiers
Armin Industries Co. is a Manufacturer and supplier of various types of Explosion proof Cathodic Protection Transformer Rectifier units in case of EX certificates would be required for supplied rectifiers units Hellas Co., Netherlands would be one of our main suppliers. Hellas supplies CP rectifiers up to 100 A, suitable for zone II (Eex-d-IIB-T5). Hellas has KEMA certificates for this; rectifiers in excess of 100 A must be certified by an external expert.
Cp Remote Monitoring And Control Software
This Software would be suitable to be installed and a Cathodic Protection Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System for remote monitoring of Armin RMU (Remote Monitoring Unit) systems for existing Cathodic Protection Conventional Rectifiers and remote monitoring and remote control of Smart Rectifiers and Armin RRU (Remote Rectifier Unit) systems.

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