Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) Anodes

MMO Coated / Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anodes

MMO Coated Titanium Sled Anode for Offshore Protection

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Anode sled systems are made to provide cathodic protection solutions to many types of offshore structures such as platforms, piers, wharfs, pilings or even pipelines.

The huge issue which frequently uncovered of substantial construction like pier heaps in seawater is consistently consumed which we can't stop. Consumption on the metal coming about decrease in strength which prompts diminish the life. We can keep away from these consumption by ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection).

To keep away from more noteworthy misfortunes because of sea water corrosion, it required a security against consumption on the point of support. One strategy accessibility is to introduce the cover or much known as heaps jacketing which will be conciliatory sort. However, we can involve MMO Anodes for these assurance.

The most impacted by the presentation is on the mainstays of the impacted sprinkles water zone or cited. At the sprinkle zone, the design steady sprinkles of ocean water, and consequently we expected to give the ensuing solidarity to the anodes, since the anode isn't containing a lot of weight.

MMO Coated Sled Anode

In this manner, substantial construction like sled anodewill be utilized. So the anode will be in that position where the breakwater heap getting secured. These anodes are significantly endure over 20 years.

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Platinized Titanium Rod Anode for Pipeline Protection

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Platinum is an excellent anode material due to its high conductivity and low consumption rate. Due to its high cost, Platinum is made practical for use by electroplating a thin layer over a high corrosion resistance substrate. Since Titanium, Niobium and Tantalum substrates are having the ability to form an insulating oxide film under anodic conditions, they are all most commonly used as anode in ICCP.

A platinized titanium anode is simply a titanium anode coated with platinum. These anodes act as an inert anodes and are non-consumable and long lasting. These anodes are insoluble in electrolyte where electrolysis is present. Platinized Titanium Rod are usually used in cantilever anode which is used for protecting pipeline internal, pump internal & condenser box internal for 30 years and more by applying DC current with transformer rectifier.


  • Deep & conventional ground beds.
  • Jetties in fresh, brackish and salt-water electrolytes.
  • Water tanks.
  • Lock Gates.
  • Intake Screens.
  • Marine application


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MMO Coated rod for cathodic protection application

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MMO Coated rod used to make the cantilever anode for the protection of pump internal protection, condenser box protection and more.

We the Tiaano supplying cantilever anodes as well as MMO Coated rods and platinized rods to difference customers.

Our recent and regular supply to USA.

Platinised Cantilever anode and reference electrodes for cathodic protection for pump internal protection

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Some customer go for Platinised cantilever anode instead of MMO coated Cantilever anode to increase the life of the anode and reduce the replacement cycle. Platinum is one of the best conductor and also increase the life of the anode.

Tiaano supplying Platinised Titanium Cantilever anode and Reference Electrodes for cathodic protection.



MMO coated cantilever anode for the protection of pump internal protection

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Tiaano manufacturing and supply of MMO & Platinum plated Titanium and Niobium anodes for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP).  According to the customer’s requirement we manufacture the anodes from copper cored titanium and copper cored niobium too.   Our anodes are gone through the accreditation test by M/s. TWT, London as per NACE standard TMO 294-200.  Our MMO coated / Platinized anodes are specified as…


  1. Made from seamless Titanium tubes:  Single or multi string anodes, Cantilever and probe anodes, Civil probe or discrete tube anodes, Liner loop tube anodes, Tube anodes.


  1. Made from titanium / niobium or their copper cored rods: Cantilever anodes, Heater probe anodes, Canister anodes, Suspended rod anodes, Rod anodes.


  1. Made from titanium and niobium wires: Canister anodes, Expanded spring anodes, Anode flex, Piggy back anodes, Linear loop anodes, Wire anodes.


  1. Made from Titanium and Niobium sheets:  Strip canister anodes, Strip anodes, Elliptical anodes, Disc anodes, Solid ribbon anodes, Pyramid anodes, Conductor bar.


  1. Made from Titanium expanded metal mesh: Mesh canister anodes, Ribbon mesh anodes, Discreate anodes, Star gard anodes, Anode mesh.


  1. Reference electrodes from MMO coated titanium rods and zinc cast rods.


Our recent supply of MMO Coated Cantilever for the gigantic pump internal protection.


MMO coated cantilever and MMO coated disc for cathodic protection

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MMO Coated cantilever/disc anode are used to protect the gigantic pump internals, pipe line internal and condenser box where the sea water/ oil pass through in it. These anodes are used to protect the cathode what we have given negative from erosion and corrosion with DC power supply called as impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP)

We, Tiaano supplying various types of cantilever/disc anodes with MMO coating as well as platinized coating as per the customer requirement.

Our recent supply to Spain:



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Vessels, pipelines, condenser box and tanks which are used to store or transport liquids can also be protected from corrosion on their internal surfaces by the use of cathodic protection.  By passing the DC current through the cantilever which is coated with platinum or MMO (mixed metal oxide) the cathode will be protected and could be monitor by the reference electrodes.

Tiaano supplying anodes as per the customer design and as well as our own design.


A reference electrode must have specific electrical, physical and chemical properties. It must facilitate the measurement of accurate pipe/soil/reference electrode potentials on pipelines. It must ideally have a stability that is sustainable for years. For this to occur it should not be polarized by the very low electrical current that will flow in a measurement circuit. The potential should be measured with a high impedance multi-meter or voltmeter.

Reference electrode allows you to measure the potential of the working electrode without passing current through it while counter (auxiliary) electrode allows you to pass current. If oxidation occurs at the working electrode, reduction using the same magnitude of current is sustained at the counter electrode and hence there is no current flow between working and reference electrode(high input impedance) enabling us to follow changes in working electrode potential accurately. This is not possible in a two electrode system although we can get crude values by using certain types of electrodes which can act simultaneously as working and reference electrode.

Tiaano supplying reference electrodes like zinc, AgAgcl for the pipeline, jetty etc.,

Our recent supply  of MMO Coated Cantilever anode and reference electrode to our Calcutta customer:





MMO Coated cantilever & Zinc Reference electrodes

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MMO Coated cantilever & Zinc Reference electrodes


MMO Coated cantilever anode are used to protect the surface of gigantic pump internals and condenser box where the sea water pass through in it. These anodes are use to protect the pump internals from erosion and corrosion with impressed current.


Reference electrodes are used in locations where a constant, stable reference where our anodes are installed with constant potential rectifiers.

Normally we can use wide variety of reference electrodes like zinc, silver chloride or copper sulfate reference electrodes for pump internal, condenser water box/vessel applications to monitor the cathodic protection anodes activeness.

Tiaano supplying MMO & platinum plated cantilever anodes and zinc reference electrodes for cathodic protection.


Recent supply for our Singapore client


PLATINIZED ROD is used for cathodic protection with Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system

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Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems are the ultimate solution for all corrosion problems to protect the metallic structure for long time and are recognized as a superior alternative to sacrificial anode systems which require frequent replacement. Impressed current cathodic protection systems are preferred by ship owners because they reduce fuel cost and maintenance.

ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection)anodes are controlled amount of DC current to submerged surfaces like underground oil wells using highly reliable mixed metal oxide anodes and zinc reference electrodes. This electrical current, constantly monitored and regulated by the system itself to prevent the electrochemical action of galvanic corrosion before it begins.

Platinized Titanium Rod are usually used in cantilever anode which is used for protecting pipeline internal, pump internal & condenser box internal for 30 years and more by applying DC current with transformer rectifier.

Normally titanium is well known for its high resistance to corrosion both water and chemical media. But titanium is the poor electricity conductor. So we use platinum/ MMO plating/Coating to increase the conductivity.

We Tiaano is the supplier of cathodic protection over 65 countries like Israel Electricity, Aramco etc., and owning the name created the regular customer for us.




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