MMO piggyback anode is the flexible anode with a long life, which integrates the advantages of large current of MMO anode and excellent conductive performance. Due to its large current and small grounding resistance, it can be buried in the place far away from the anode structure.

Piggy pack anodes are used to protect the tank bottoms. It’s the easiest method of cathodic protection which may not need a weld at site and also easy to handle and install. Piggy pack wire anodes connected with cable by the way of Crimping and sealing with mastic and heat shrink sleeve procedure. The piggy pack anodes are inserted in the jacket with coke fill to sustain the conductivity of the anodes in the place where we install for cathodic protection.

Cathodic Protection is accomplished by applying a direct current to the tank surface of the metal, which causes the electrochemical potential of the structure to shift from a corroding state to a polarized and non-corroding state.