MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) coated rubberized disc anodes are used to protect the ship or hull from sea water corrosion. Normally Titanium having noncorrosive, but it contains nonconductive material. MMO coated will give the conductivity in titanium as per the application and amperage. Zinc reference electrode will be placed in particular distance as per the cathodic protection system to monitor the conductivity of the MMO coating disc.   

Sea water is very corrosive environment because the salt present in it makes very good conductor of electricity. It creates a lot of free irons which accelerate oxidation of iron (mid steel) which made of oxidation.

When using MMO coated rubberized disc anode to protect the ship hull from sea water corrosion, external current are applied to convert high-potential anodic sites on a ship hulls to low-potential cathodic sites. This ensures the ship hull surface is protected from corrosion.

We can install MMO coated disc in the hull by passing DC current by a rectifier which will protect the ships life longer nearly 20 to 25 years depends upon the usage of the ship which afloat often.  

MMO coated rubberized disc size well be customized depends upon the design of the CP system.


  • Ø  Durability compared to galvanic anode.
  • Ø  Demonstrate reliability.
  • Ø  Optimum documented corrosion production at minimum overall cost.  
  • Ø  Anodes are lite, sturdy and compact for easy shipping, storage and installation.

Tianno manufacturing platinum as well as MMO coated disc anodes. Below product recently supplied to Singapore.