Sea water is very corrosive environment because the salt present in it makes very good conductor of electricity. It creates a lot of free irons which accelerate oxidation of iron (mild steed) which made of oxidation.

MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) coating disc anodes are used to protect the ship or boat hull from seawater corrosion. Normally titanium having non-corrosion nature, but non-conductive material. MMO coated disc used in ship hull protection to avoid the high corrosion in seawater.

MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) coated disc anodes are used to protect the cathode from erosion and corrosion with DC power supply called as impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP).

MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) coated disc size well be customized depends upon the design of the CP system.


  • Ø  Increased life of rudders.
  • Ø  Increased dry-dock interval.
  • Ø  Automatic control equipment ensures reliable, simple operation.
  • Ø  Durability compared to galvanic anodes.

Tianno manufacturing platinum as well as MMO coated disc. Below the product recently supplied to Netherland.