It is the big problem which often exposed of concrete structure like jetty piles in seawater is continuously corroded which we cannot stop. Corrosion on the metal resulting decline in strength which leads to reduce the life. We can avoid these corrosion by ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection).

To avoid greater losses due to sea water corrosion, it needed a protection against corrosion on the pillar. One method availability is to install the shroud or much known as piles jacketing which will be sacrificial type. But we can use MMO Anodes for these protection.

The most affected by the display is on the pillars of the affected splashes water zone or quoted. At the splash zone, the structure constant splashes of sea water, and therefore we supposed to give the subsequent strength to the anodes, since the anode is not containing much weight.

Sled Anode

Therefore we are giving concrete structure like sled anode will be used. So that the anode will be in that position where the jetty pile getting protected. These anodes are substantially withstand more than 20 years.