Strip anode is mostly utilized for the erosion insurance of seawater structure, Pilings, Piers, Jetties and drifting vessels and so on. Normally these anodes are utilized in the security of Seawater Application. Strip anode is a vital part for Cathodic Protection frameworks in seawater structures. It is made out of a valuable metal blended oxide impetus in the titanium plates by warm cycle.

Titanium strip anodes are fabricated utilizing titanium ASTM B 265 Gr. 1 or 2, Coated with Platinum bunch valuable metal blended oxide covering. MMO covering comprises of Ir and Ta and it is appropriate for use in all cathodic assurance applications. Since blended metal oxide anodes have a very low utilization rate, the titanium substrate stays consistent over the plan lifetime of the anode.

The leading anti-corrosion & uniform current distribution characters, it have great physical and mechanical properties of titanium. MMO covered anodes are emphatically suggested for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) application. We likewise fabricated and provided FRP Insulated Strip anode for different clients.

Titanium Strip Anode