Platinum is preferred on an anode's outer surface because it is highly resistant to corrosion and can ensure current flow in most electrolyte media without leading to the formation of an insulating layer on itself.

The product is made up of titanium and coated with platinum to withstand corrosion, where titanium and platinum has good resistant. Titanium has less dense and strong durability than other metals and can withstand high temperature. Platinum is highly non-reactive and cannot be rusted easily because it has no iron on it.

The product we supplied is used for Research and development(R&D) that includes activities where companies undertake to innovate and introduce new products.

Platinum Plated Sheet

Advantages of Platinised Titanium Anode:-

  • Low weight
  • Energy saving potential,
  • High electrical conductivity
  • High dimensional stability and load resistance.
  • High corrosion resistance

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