Platinized titanium and MMO coated titanium rod anodes are to be designed & manufactured by Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India. Application:  Deep & conventional ground beds. Jetties in fresh and brackish.

Substrate: Solid Titanium and Niobium & Copper cored Ti. Catalyst for surface Coating: Platinum Mixed Metasalt-water electrolytes. Water tanks. Lock Gates. Intake Screens. Marine application Oxide

Platinized Titanium and Niobium probe / cantilever type anodes are also available for use in Internal ICCP of process vessels such as pipes, condenser water boxes and heat exchangers where the interior is difficult to access and its space limited. Such anodes are often mounted through the vessel shell, with the anode part of the probe extending into the vessel, and wire connections made to the probe on the exterior of the vessel.

 Tiaano offer Platinised Titanium and Niobium cantilever (probe) anodes for this application (medium seawater, fresh water and brackish water) Also Tiaano offer platinized Rods and Tubes suitable for cantilevers (probes).

The primary use of platinized titanium anodes is in the field of Cathodic Protection. The anodes are used in structures buried in soil and the steel exposed to marine environments such as oil and gas producing platforms, ships, oil well casings and jetties.

Platinized Titanium Anodes synergistically combine the favourable electrochemical features of platinum (Pt) with the corrosion resistance and other characteristics of titanium. They are anodes normally produced by the electrochemical deposition of a very thin layer of platinum metal onto a titanium substrate. These anodes operate as inert anodes with high durability and are preferred because they remain insoluble in common electrolytes.