We, Ti anode fabricators Pvt. Ltd., is familiar in manufacturing and supplying of Reference electrode for impressed current cathodic production (ICCP)

In the use of cathodic production to pipelines a particular potential is applied to the pipeline/electrolyte interface to accomplish explicit balance of responses to such an extent that the pace of erosion becomes irrelevant. The meaning of this requests it is precisely estimated and that a steady and exact reference cathode is required.

A reference electrode should have explicit electrical, physical and substance properties. It should work with the estimation of exact line/soil/reference anode possibilities on pipelines. It should preferably have a dependability that is manageable for a really long time. For this to happen it ought not to be spellbound by the exceptionally low electrical current that will stream in an estimation circuit.

Reference electrode should work without extreme terminal likely change in shifting circumstances and should be impervious to explicit responses inside electrolytes in which they are introduced. A model that causes changes in the cathode potential is chloride containing conditions causing defilement and hydrated cupric development in copper/copper sulfate reference terminals. All reference anode possibilities are impacted by temperature.

The actual cathode ought to have a low interior impedance regarding its development and its establishment in the ground. Of specific significance is the connection point of the permeable attachment of the terminal which should be in close contact with the ground and not impacted by harm, impaction, tainting, or by unfortunate soil contact


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