Platinized Titanium anodes take advantage of the low consumption rate and high current density. Voltages in excess of 10 Volts will result in severe pitting of the titanium core causing premature failure.

Exterior protection of ships hulls - anodes in the shape of plates, discs or strips. Platinum is a least reactive metals that has remarkable resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures.

The principle of cathodic protection is connecting an external anode to the metal to be protected and the passing of an electrical DC current

so that all areas of the metal surface become cathodic and therefore do not corrode. DC current is sent through an insulated wire to the anodes buried in the soil near the articles like underground storage tank, pipeline & etc.

Platinized FRP insulated strip Anode with impressed current leads to protect the hull of the ships. Negative terminal which is connected to ship hull and positive terminal with impressed current anodes. Underwater steel structures protection like wharves, jetties, sheet pile walls and piers.

Usually rod type anodes are distributed throughout the structure for protection and to give a good current distribution.


·                         Increases life of rudders, shafts, struts and propellers.

·                        Anodes are light and compact for easy shipping, storage and   installation.

·                        High current efficiency.

·                         High anti-corrosion property & lasting working life.


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