Anode sled systems are made to provide cathodic protection solutions to many types of offshore structures such as platforms, piers, wharfs, pilings or even pipelines.

The huge issue which frequently uncovered of substantial construction like pier heaps in seawater is consistently consumed which we can't stop. Consumption on the metal coming about decrease in strength which prompts diminish the life. We can keep away from these consumption by ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection).

To keep away from more noteworthy misfortunes because of sea water corrosion, it required a security against consumption on the point of support. One strategy accessibility is to introduce the cover or much known as heaps jacketing which will be conciliatory sort. However, we can involve MMO Anodes for these assurance.

The most impacted by the presentation is on the mainstays of the impacted sprinkles water zone or cited. At the sprinkle zone, the design steady sprinkles of ocean water, and consequently we expected to give the ensuing solidarity to the anodes, since the anode isn't containing a lot of weight.

MMO Coated Sled Anode

In this manner, substantial construction like sled anodewill be utilized. So the anode will be in that position where the breakwater heap getting secured. These anodes are significantly endure over 20 years.

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