MMO Coated Tubular String for Cathodic Protection

We Tiaano do fabrication & supply of  MMO Titanium tubular anodes by using titanium seamless tube and coated with platinum group precious metal mixed oxide coating. Titanium tubular string for pipelines are arranged in ground beds either distributed or in a deep vertical hole depending on several design and field condition factors including current distribution requirements

Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium anode design for the demands of deep anode beds, shallow beds and the earth’s natural waters. MMO Tubular anodes are dimensionally stable anodes which remain constant throughout all of the anode life, thus providing a constant performance with a low resistivity MMO Titanium tubular anodes are a titanium tube base with a mixed metal oxide conductive coating and itself an excellent electronic conductor.

The design life of the anode varies with operating current in a variety of applications from seawater to soil. Tubular Anodes are available in a number of diameters, lengths, current carrying capacities and life ratings.

MMO tubular anode can be in single or in string, it is generally adopting titanium tubular as substrates and coated with a mixed metal oxide catalyst.

Mixed metal oxide based electrocatalytic anodes are a different type of anodes when compared to conventional anodes. These anodes are dimensionally stable, long life anodes that are not consumed during the process of generating cathodic protection current..

Benefits of MMO Coated Tubular String:

·         Lightweight/Durable

·         High current output

·         Low cost

·         Dimensionally stable

·         High cost performance

The specification of the below displayed MMO Coated Titanium Tubular String Anode





Country of origin



0.9 mm


25.4 mm


500 mm

Cathodic protection is a technique used to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell. A simple method of protection connects the metal to be protected to a more easily corroded "sacrificial metal" to act as the anode.



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